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Struggling to grow your brand? Here’s why it pays to back to go back to the start.

I’m here to give your personal brand the check-up you never knew you needed. If you’re reading this, I already know something about you. You’re a free-spirited soul wanderer ready to create your own brand built on strong values, worth and intuitive calling. 

You’re probably a lot like me – multi-passionate and feeling pulled toward so many shiny objects. Well, at least, that WAS me. I too read all the hard and fast books on mission, vision, values, and purpose statements, on strategy and on scaling. But while I was buried in books I realised creating a successful business is actually all about finding your passion and your purpose to start with. Full stop.

So today I want to show you how to tune into your fearless, all-knowing gut intuition to build the personal brand you need to take you where you want. No jargon, no fluff, no formulas. How do you do it? By re-evaluating these two things: Passion. And Purpose. Why? 

Because purpose carries you through the lows. Passion drives you through the highs. 

And in business? The lows are really low. But the highs are oh so high. #realtalk.

In a world where you can make money from anything: Where we attach dollar signs to our immeasurable talent. Slap price tags on our art. And ‘how to start a business’ is searched by millions every day.  How do you find something truly worthwhile and fulfilling? 

Visionaries like you DO NOT do what they do just for the money. And they certainly don’t hide behind a faceless brand. Because YOU are the brand. And to build that brand? You need passion + purpose. You need to be lit up and fulfilled. 

Forget what’s safe. Known. ‘Normal’. What even is that, anyway? Be the rebel. Shake it up. YOU define the new normal. The way to do this is with a personal branding strategy that’s aligned with heart over head. So how do you do that? It all starts with these two things… 

One | finding passion in business

It’s a strong drive. A relentless pursuit. A steadfast dedication to making an impact through what you do. Showing up and serving your tribe. Being a badass, championing and falling in love with all you do. ONLY doing the things that give you a FULL BODY yes and saying ‘F NO’ to everything else. Using your personal brand and business to build your dream life while radically shaking up the boring AF status quo. 

All in all? Half of owning your personal brand is finding a way to be the change you want to see. 


If you’re struggling to find your passion, consider this quote by Richard Branson – a kick-ass millionaire businessman…

“Think about ways that you could apply [your idea] to a sector that does excite you,” he says “Look at your idea from a different perspective, and you might be surprised by the results”

Start with a list of all the things you LOVE. Now think about how you can apply that to what you do every day. Can you commodify it in a way that stays true to your passions? Can this be your radical 9-5? Can this be your calling? Start with this. Ensure THIS is on track. Then think about your reason for existence…

Two | finding purpose in business

Whether you’re leading a team or going solo, purpose breathes strong leadership. It helps you set a long term strategy and see beyond the day to day, ‘all-moulds-into-one’ kinda stuff. 

Business purpose differentiates you from those who are in it ‘just for the money’ or those with a ‘short term mindset’. If you needed any more convincing, here are some other reasons you need a purpose statement: boost productivity, keep up momentum, enhance pride and engagement in what you do, and align your internal desire with external expression (need I say more?)


How to define your brand purpose?

Here are five questions to ask yourself to find your personal brand statement:

  1. Why am I here?
  2. What do I want to do with my time on this earth? What difference do I want to make?
  3. What difference would my niche want me to make to their life?
  4. What are my unique strengths, and how can they help others?
  5. What do I want to be known for? Now? And in future?


Keep it short and sweet. Be specific AF – know thyself.. And use powerful language – be emotive and get in your feelings

Have you ever seen those people who make bank by playing with slime on Youtube? Or the 9-year-old who gets paid to review toys? What about cat groomers turned millionaires? Or artists who sold a few pieces and realised they could make a living out of it? These people didn’t get into it for the money – they got into it for the LOVE. Their purpose IS their passion. 

The key to their success? Isn’t luck, an algorithm or thousands of dollars in ad spend. It’s a powerful personal brand, a strong business vision and a niche community that aligns with their gut. The passion and purpose that gives them a full-body yes! 

Are you ready to build a strong personal brand that oozes passion, purpose and authenticity? Great! Because it’s one of the first things I dive into with my clients (before I develop their killer content marketing strategies!).

Two Things You need To Have When Developing Your Personal Brand





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