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Forget churning out ‘blah’ content and spending hours doing it every week! This is the revolutionary content repurposing approach that’s time-saving, strategy-fuelled and lead-maximised. 

Content repurposing is the newest (and coolest) kid on the block when it comes to content marketing, but talk to many providers and you’ll find they typically have the same, tiresome approach to their content creation.

The kind where they’ll be content batching a month’s worth of social captions, writing up a completely separate set of blogs, then pushing out a newsletter combining a bunch of other random ideas. 

But as engaging, intuitive, goal and audience-aligned this content strategy may be, there’s no synergy. 

Of course, I’m not criticizing these creatives. Those service providers are strategic inbound-marketers, incredible content creators and organic lead-generating magic-makers. But they’re working themselves to the point of burnout to do it! 

We talk about sustainability in the way we live and work, but what about sustainability in the way we market our business, engage our audience and generate sales? 

Revolutionary content is sustainable content. 

Maximised content. Leveraged-to-its-potential content. Zero-waste content. 

Repurposed Content.

Content repurposing is the proven-effective approach I implement into my content marketing and my clients’. The technique I use to infuse more strategy and connective content into my inbound marketing to maximize engagement, generate hot leads and secure $6,000-per-month contracts all while saving time and not skipping out on quality either! 

As an expert content-done-different strategist, these results have equipped me to say with absolute confidence that strategic content repurposing is the future of content marketing. And I’m going to share my secrets behind implementing this revolutionary technique into your own business right now. 

So first things first, what really is ‘content repurposing’? 

What is content repurposing?

To repurpose content is to reinvent, strategically. To adapt. To maximise. Not lazily, but effectively, intentionally and strategically. 

Content repurposing is the act of creating a select suite of well-formed, strategically-aligned pieces of content that can be evergreen and infinitely reusable across a range of different marketing channels. 

For example, this could be in the form of 1,500 word blog posts or a 10-minute video. This is the core, pillar content you create each week, fortnight or month. Those blog posts or videos are then strategically chunked, drawing out key elements and messages that can be disseminated across other forms and channels, rather than writing out a whole new set of content for each. That might be in as social captions, Pinterest Pins, Instagram stories, an EDM or even an eBook.  

It sounds too good to be true, right? 

“So you’re saying I only have to create one piece of content each month?”

Not quite. While that may be the case, content repurposing has a strong focus on quality over quantity. So while you may only create just one or two pieces of content each month (as opposed to 50+), these pieces need to be undeniably rich in knowledge and value to truly take advantage of the power of content repurposing.  

Essentially, it’s about treating your time and knowledge as the most important assets in your business, ensuring those strengths are being leveraged to their fullest potential without taking away from the important, front-end work. So why is content repurposing right for you?

Why Should I Be Content Repurposing?


So let’s say it takes 1 hour to plan out and research your content for the month. 

It takes another 5 hours to write five seo-rich blogs for each week. 

5 hours recording IGTV’s, Facebook lives and other trainings. 

An additional 4 hours to write and deliver your month’s social captions.

An extra 2 hours to write out the monthly emails.

Then add in 3 hours showing up on your stories. 

That’s 20 hours spent on content creation in one month alone. 20 potentially billable hours. 20 back-end hours. 20 hours spent away from your business or your family or yourself. 

That’s life without content repurposing. But how about life with it? 

Because strategy is king, that’s still 1 hour to plan out your content for the month. 

And still those 5 hours to write quality, SEO rich blogs.

But because you keep your content synced, you take just 2 hours to film adjoining videos for each blog.

And then just 30 minutes to pull your month’s social captions.

And another 30 minutes to schedule your monthly emails.

And just 1 hour segmenting your videos for IGTV’s, trainings, stories and more.

That’s just halved your content creation time each month. That’s 10 additional billable hours. 10 additional front-end hours. 10 additional hours spent with your business, your family, or yourself. 

That’s an extra 10 hours you’ve got up your sleeve without skimping on the quality or quantity of your content. All by simply leveraging and drawing all the potential out of just a few foundational pieces.

Now, you want to increase your following, double your leads and grow your income by blowing up your content marketing efforts?

And it’s not just about saving you time. 

How about clarity for your audience? Retention? Consistency? 

Believe me when I say consistency is crucial for audience retention. It’s science, namely, the concept of effective frequency. It’s estimated it takes at least 7 times for your audience to remember your message. Content repurposing supports this by ensuring you’re putting out a consistent, clear, high-frequency set of key messages and calls to action across multiple channels and forms to increase the touchpoints needed to be memorable. 

How About Maximising Engagement, Too? 

We all consume messages differently, which means content repurposing caters to the diversity of your audience’s consumption habits. Some love short-form video, others long-form written. Others can’t get enough of visual content while lots crave audio. Understanding what your audience loves to see, and how they like to consume it, means they can receive the same key content in a way that best engages them (and results in better audience retention and interest in you). 

On top of that, it’s estimated just 6% of your Facebook audience organically sees your post, and that statistic is replicated across a bunch of other digital channels. Ad spend shouldn’t be the answer. Content repurposing ensures that even if someone misses your Facebook post, they can view it in video form on Youtube, on your Instagram story or via an email, without missing out on your key messages. With content repurposing, no audience member is left behind! 

Yep, content repurposing is a game-changer. It’s a fool-proof system (you can create your own here!), one you can infinitely replicate to save you time while helping you maximise sales. So how do you start implementing it into your business?

How To Start Repurposing Content

There are three tenets to remember about content repurposing before you dive straight in. These are: 

  1. It’s all in the strategy

As a Business and Content Marketing Strategist, you know that everything I preach, and all I practise comes down to strategy. A social-first approach never flies. So no matter what, everything you do needs to be aligned with your audience’s needs and your business goals first. Content repurposing is for businesses with strong, established strategies. Ones with content pillars and key messages, a strong target audience and an even stronger call to action. Ones with space to improve but also lots of knowledge on what already works. So before you dive into repurposing, go back to basics and align your decisions with real evidence on metrics and engagement. That means whether you’re creating one piece of content or 30, they all need to satisfy a need and align with an objective. 

  1. You make the rules

Creating a seminal piece of content, then repurposing it, doesn’t mean you can’t intersperse one-off, personal content either. You make the rules with your content marketing, and you don’t need to be bound to this. With any good content strategy comes variety. Keep your audience on their toes and be sure to mix in different types of content throughout the month. Of course, this means you may need to create some one-off content pieces in addition to repurposing, which is the perfect opportunity to bring in your behind-the-scenes pillar.

  1. Knowing where to post is as important as what to post

There’s zero point creating content that speaks to everyone when it actually speaks to no one. And that’s why knowing what resonates is just as important as knowing where it will. That subsequently flows into HOW you repurpose content, not just in terms of the platform but the medium. Is it Instagram Reels or TikTok? Is it video or static, long or short form, text or image-driven? Avoid the temptation to take content and repurpose it everywhere. Rather, understand where your audience thrives and cater to this. Personally, I focus on my blog, Instagram, Pinterest and email, but your approach will be different depending on your unique strategy! 

When creating your core content pieces

So you’re ready to create your core content. Draw on your strategy, your content pillars and your audience engagement from the previous months. What does your audience love to see and in what form (blog, video, social, story, TikTok)? What is topical at the moment? What question keeps coming up that you have to answer, and how can you answer it best? 

Once you’ve created your content use this checklist to ensure you’re ready to start repurposing. 

Content repurposing checklist:

My core content piece features…

  • 3 to 4 key messages I can chunk and translate across different mediums
  • A strong call to action
  • A tone and style that will resonate with my audience
  • A clear direction that aligns with a goal and/or content pillar in my content strategy
  • An evergreen style enabling me to repurpose not just now, but for months to come

See this blog right here? It will be pinned to Pinterest with at least 5 fresh pins, sent to my email list, spoken into a podcast, recorded into a video (which then gets chunked and repurposed again…). But it doesn’t stop there. Each key paragraph will become an Instagram caption, a Facebook post, and be a script for an Instagram story. 

And yes – I’ve been doing this all along. Go check my profile. Did you know? Probably not! This is why you waste your time when you reinvent the wheel time and time again. 

If you invest in making quality content – put it to work and USE it! 

Content Repurposing Ideas

For ideas on how to take your content and repurpose, maximise, and transform it, steal the very same strategy I use! In this FREE cheatsheet download, you’ll find 25+ ideas to take one killer piece and reinvent it to maximise time and sales! Download it here. 

With content repurposing, time is maximised, sales are unlimited and the potential is uncapped. It’s time to ditch the back-end hustle, realign your audience’s needs with your business goals and start leveraging your incredible knowledge with a strategy that makes the most of your content. 

It’s all possible with content repurposing. And believe me, you’re missing out if you’re not jumping on this right now. Get repurposing, or get left behind. 

Oh and for help nailing the strategy behind your content repurposing and having an expert strategist deliver done-for-you goodness, let’s chat. 

Why and How to Repurpose Content Strategically

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